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Python and Django from dawn till dusk

Author: Emil Filipov

Want to learn Python and Django? Then this free seminar is just for you! Ninja training starts at the Telerik Academy in Sofia on Feb 3rd, 2013. read more ›

We've been invited to do another training session on Python and Django at the Telerik Academy. This time, it will be an intensive morning-to-evening seminar, with the aim of getting you from zero to hero on both Python and Django. Well, maybe not a true hero, but it will give you the basics of both technologies, so you can go on and study/work with them on your own. If you're in Sofia and getting into Python or Django has always been an unfulfilled childhood dream for you, or if you simply want to pick up some new and highly competitive skills for free, then waste not another minute - hurry to http://academy.telerik.com/seminars/python-and-django-development and reserve your seat!

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