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Since 1979 Tails and the Unexpected has become a well-known place for quality men’s apparel and hidden treasures. Online since the early 2000's, in 2012 just before the alleged end of the world came the new e-store with brushed-up looks and new features. A dandy and classy online shop for guys only – our new release - www.tailsandtheunexpected.com.

Tails and the Unexpected - homepage

So bohemian like you

Started as a vintage clothing stall in the Antiques Market in Cardiff  back in 1979, over the years Tails and the Unexpected proved to be a well-known place for hidden treasures and quality men’s apparel.

We’ve known the fellows for some time and are fascinated by their love for style and quality. It’s not only their care for the detail we admire but also their positive and creative attitude towards every aspect of the things they do – from cycling to recycling, from the stripes sweaters to the payment system they choose to use – just because 100% of their profit goes to charity.  It all makes perfect sense and great difference.

No wonder that we were more than happy to respond when the team of Tails and the Unexpected asked us to rebuild their website. What they had in mind was not only new design of the store but some additional features as well – a French language version, new currencies and payment methods.

Construction work

Good thing about our work is that different clients have unique requirements and inspire us to take new challenges and try different approaches.

In this particular case we had to build a multilingual ecommerce website that’s why we used the Magento platform, which we customized and set up for the needs of Tails and the Unexpected. The website currently has two language versions – English and French, but it could support unlimited number of languages  (Interested in a Bulgarian version?).

This project required integration of an alternative payment system, Charity Clear, that customers were supposed to use along with the traditional payment method – PayPal.

How did we handle it?

What we did (in short):
  • design concept for the website
  • Magento setup and customization
  • Server setup and administration
  • development of the HTML/CSS layouts for the website
  • Payment Gateway Integration (Charity Clear, PayPal)
Classic chick and vintage look - find out your unexpected item at www.tailsandtheunexpected.com


Here's what Josh, the main navigator and driver of the Tails & the Unexpected website, wrote about our work:

MTR Design have shown a great deal of understanding in regards to the brief. They have built a website that could communicate with our customers from French as well as English store fronts and accept dollars and euros in addition to sterling, all this whilst being sensitive to the myriad of requirements that we laid at their door. Requirements that an off the shelf CMS would not have handled. From inventory management dilemmas to a highly specific user experience MTR Design have discussed each request with us and customised the Magento platform accordingly.
See it yourself!     www.tailsandtheunexpected.com