Hello! We are MTR Design and site making is our speciality. We work with UK based startups, established businesses, media companies and creative individuals and turn their ideas into reality. This is a thrill and we totally love it.

Our Services

Innovation and diversity are key to success, and since we’ve been working in such a competitive and dynamic environment it is clear: introducing new services is the way to meet the challenges and to sustain our business. Our motto is: stay small, build it simple, make it work.

What We Offer

Web Development

Whatever the project may be - CMS, Community site, E-commerce project, API or a custom web application - we create software that makes your sites flexible, easily maintained and future-proof.

We prefer the individual approach: our team will take the time to understand the idea of the project and its specific requirements. Based on this information we will come up with our proposal for the most suitable technical solution.

We consider technology as mere tool for achieving your goals and believe that it’s the people who make the technical solution work. No matter what tools we use (Drupal for a large corporate site, our own framework for a campaign site with nearly a million subscribers, CodeIgniter for a startup project, Magento for an online store or Django for our own projects) our goal is the same: to turn your ideas into reality.

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Server Administration

No web application can succeed without a solid server beneath its feet. Not paying enough attention to the server setup could result in unexpected outages, security breaches, and ultimately - lost business.

The good news is that we can take on that challenge for you - we have experience with building and maintaining stable server environments for large and successful sites - in the cloud, in virtual environments and on dedicated hardware. Our administration team will make sure that your server is monitored, backed-up and fully prepared to meet the expected load. And when the unexpected happens, we will be there to investigate and make the necessary adjustments, providing you with detailed information and giving you options.

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Security Consulting

If you are looking for ways to improve the security of your existing system, we will test its security both externally and internally, depending on your preferences. Based on the results of the tests, we will issue an easy to read, understandable report on the steps taken during the attack simulation, the risk assessment made and our recommendations.

If you are just starting to build your system (application, server or network), we will prepare (in humanly understandable way) a security design for you, which will target your specific needs.

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