Hello! We are MTR Design and site making is our speciality. We work with UK based startups, established businesses, media companies and creative individuals and turn their ideas into reality. This is a thrill and we totally love it.

Our team

Originally established in the autumn of 2005, MTR Design is a web development company, owned and operated by Milen Nedev. We specialize in building websites and apps using our own PHP framework.

Our web development team is based in Bulgaria, and we employ 9 full-time members. 

Milen Nedev

Managing Director

With more than 15 years experience in the Internet Industry, Milen Nedev co-founded MTR Design in 2005. Throughout the years Milen has won, directed, and successfully completed a number of web projects for clients such as British Gas, BAA, Channel 4, Nuffield Health, River Cottage, The Telegraph, ExxonMobil and Jamie Oliver.

Nikolay Nedev

Business Development Director

Nikolay is one of the co-founders of MTR Design in 2005. With over eight years previous experience in sales and marketing, at MTR Design he is responsible for expanding the business, and developing trusted and mutually profitable relationships with our partners. Nikolay holds MS in Economics from UNWE – Sofia.

Hristo Deshev

Lead Developer

Hristo is a programming language polyglot and an automation freak. When not herding Python processes or chasing that runaway DB query, he is always on the lookout for tools or techniques that make our craft more reliable and predictable.

Emil Filipov

System Engineer / Python Developer

Emil is the first full-time system engineer in our company. A Python zealot and a huge Django fan, he is always prepared to code through, around, above or below every technical problem.

Valentin Borisov

Senior Web Developer

Valentin has been part of MTR Design from it’s early days, and has been working on the development of hundreds of web projects, including content management systems, blog platforms, social networks, and online shops. Valentin has BA in Information systems, and MA in Economics from Economic University – Varna, Bulgaria.

Alexander Kolev

Senior Web Developer

With more than 8 years of experience in the field, Alex has an impressive portfolio of projects built on CodeIgniter, PhalconPHP, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Django, Node.js and many other web programming frameworks. He is one of the people with biggest contribution for the development of our in-house framework. Alex holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the Economical University in Varna, Bulgaria.

Krasimir Nikolov


A big fan of Java, Python and Django Krasimir has previous experience in web development, mostly using PHP. Currently studying software engineering at the University of Sofia, he is our youngest colleague. Besides brainstorming with the “old dogs”, Krasimir enjoys developing mobile applications and embedded systems as well as spending quality time with friends.

Ivaylo Furnadzhiev

Web Designer

Ivaylo has been on the field of web design for more than 6 years. He has experience working on versatile projects, including personal and corporate websites, user interfaces and marketing campaigns. He is after the great looking design that will complement the website’s functionalities both on desktop and mobile devices offering the users enjoyable experience to remember.

Dimitar Ivanov

Security Consultant

Dimitar is a security expert with more than 10 years of experience in the field and with intimate knowledge of networks, operating systems and social engineering. A 'vi' addict and a Python fan, Dimitar is responsible for the security projects in MTR Design and a contributor to Web Security Watch.

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