Powerful E2E Tests Combination: Cypress and Git(Hub|Lab) CI/CD

Tsvetoslav Nikolov | 1 Aug 2023

Powerful E2E Tests Combination: Cypress and Git(Hub|Lab) CI/CD

Test performance optimization should be an essential part of the whole development process. It should even be part of the main end-user code development - if your mindset points in the direction of “well, if I develop that function/component in this way, how can I test it?”, you probably have already made the most important step of the optimization journey.

The Better Way of Filtering and Extracting Elements from Huge JSON Arrays

Tsvetoslav Nikolov | 19 Apr 2023

The Better Way of Filtering and Extracting Elements from Huge JSON Arrays

We were working on a project related to on-the-edge prerendering of dynamic HTML components using Cloudflare workers, when we observed the problem of parsing and filtering huge amount of JSON data (especially because the project was developed using Typescript). At first glance, everything was clear and simple - Cloudlfare's HTMLRewriter API is amazing - easy to work with and shows unbelievable speed results compared to the other available APIs. But then the data and it's structure came into the game.

How to create a serverless app with AWS SAM for Big Data Handling

Tsvetoslav Nikolov | 11 Jul 2022

A developer journey through the pros and cons of AWS Lambda functions, SQS, DynamoDB, API Gateway, and Couldformation (with SAM templates) and the real power of Lambda Powertools and Pydantic.

Using an embedded video as a design element

Ivaylo Furnadzhiev | 27 Feb 2021

Recently I had a simple request from a client of ours – to use an embedded video as a design element in the header area of a page. It sounds simple, but it turned out to be tricky. Here are some of the options I found out during my experiments.

How to create a presigned URL for AWS S3 using Apex

Desislav Michev | 3 Feb 2021

Have you ever needed to sign AWS S3 links in Salesforce? If you are here - it seems the answer is yes. For those of you who are not sure why you need an S3 links signing - I’m sure that you heard at least once in the IT news about some big company’s data that was leaked from their cloud. Most of the time it’s because they did not configure the public access to their buckets properly, in case they are using AWS S3.

The era of the prototyping tools for UI/UX - is Photoshop dead?

Ivaylo Furnadzhiev | 12 Jan 2021

The era of the prototyping tools for UI/UX - is Photoshop dead?

In the process of creating an UI design it's important to have mock-ups ready as quickly as possible to share and discuss with the client. This is why the prototyping tools such as Adobe XD, Figma and Sketch significantly changed the world of UI/UX design. But what happened with the “father” of them all - Adobe Photoshop? Is there a place for it in a modern web design company's toolbox?

6 lessons learned for business and business of software from the 'Gladiator' movie

Nikolay Nedev | 15 Dec 2020

6 lessons learned for business and business of software from the 'Gladiator' movie

Everyone loves a good story, and this time I’ll tell you about my favorite.
"The general who became a slave. The slave who became a gladiator. The gladiator who defied an emperor. A striking story. Now the people want to know how the story ends…"

Salesforce mini how to: RefreshView alternative for LWC

Desislav Michev | 9 Dec 2020

Did you notice that most of the components in details or other tabs in the record page are self refreshing when any action is performed on the main record? This behavior is made with an Aura event called “refreshView”. It is very handy - if you handle this event, it will tell you to refresh your component data. If you dispatch this event, it will tell the other components in the current page to refresh their components data.

How a web design is created (and what actually the designer does)?

Ivaylo Furnadzhiev | 3 Dec 2020

How a web design is created (and what actually the designer does)?

Being a web designer for more than 15 years, I often hear comments like “Oh, you make web designs, so you just draw pretty mock-ups?” That's just partly the truth. The true web designers are not just visual artists. They have to get their feet wet in the technical side, as well as to have skills of marketers and even copywriters. In this article I'll share what’s our team’s process of creating a web design, start to finish, from the designer's perspective.

Pricing models for Web Development businesses

Nikolay Nedev | 26 Nov 2020

In our previous article, we briefly mentioned the two most common pricing models used by web development agencies - Fixed-price and Time & Material. Our initial intention was to discuss in full detail the advantages and disadvantages of each of these models; however, the internet appears to be overflowing with information on this matter, so we’re just going to share our own experience on pricing. More specifically, we’ll tell you in which cases we used Fixed-price or Time & Material and why we generally prefer one of the approaches. Also, we’ll give some practical advice on what to watch and how to proceed with your web dev project.

Salesforce mini how to: Open a SubTab in Console from Lightning Web Component

Desislav Michev | 23 Nov 2020

These days UI development in Salesforce prefers using Lightning Web Components (LWC) as they are faster and more modern than Lightning Components (aura). Unfortunately, they are still not a complete replacement for Lightning Components. According to this official page for example, a Workspace API is not supported. This API is used for managing the tabs in Console. The Console itself is highly used by the sales teams or other teams that use SoftPhone inside Salesforce. So it seems that we have a problem, the solutions to which are not that complicated.

Building a microsite generation and management system

Atanas Mavrov | 3 Nov 2020

Building a microsite generation and management system

What would you do, if you had to develop a number of microsites for a client? We faced this issue as a part of a larger project for a real estate portal, which has multiple modules to it. In one of the modules there is an administrative panel through which real estate agents enter certain information about the properties they offer – text, location, video and images, as well as contact information.

How to select the right partner for your web development project

Nikolay Nedev | 19 Oct 2020

Choosing the right web development company for your digital project is a challenge each business owner faces. Nevertheless, such a choice is essentially no different from selecting a business partner for other non-digital projects. Generally speaking, when you are choosing with whom to cooperate, your decision largely depends on two factors: the skills and experience of the potential partner and how well you can work together, which we could also define as a “cultural fit”.

Perform action after creating new record in Salesforce Console

Desislav Michev | 14 Oct 2020

We have a client who loves the Salesforce Console and uses it a lot. Recently he gave us a task where he needed the tab for creating a new record to be closed when the record is created successfully and then to focus the source tab. Let’s see how we made it work...

On a way to find the perfect e2e testing tool - part 3

Valentin Kirilov | 1 Oct 2020

On a way to find the perfect e2e testing tool - part 3

The time to continue our journey of reviewing e2e testing frameworks has come. If you missed our previous articles on the topic don’t hesitate to take a look, we already covered Cypress and Nightwatch.js.