Here at MTR we try to make a difference every day, by challenging stereotypes and finding creative ways to deal with our tasks. This month, however, I will try to make a difference in another way - by doing some teaching. A Django Crash Course (in Bulgarian) will take place on Aug 31st, in the headquarters of the initLab hackerspace in Sofia. I've been thinking about this for a while, since Django is basically unknown around here, and I finally found the time to do a little (pr|t)eaching.

The plan is to cover the following topics:

1. Installing Python on Windows

2. Introduction to the Python interactive console and demonstrating basic Python constructs/syntax

3. Installing Django on Windows and playing with PYTHONPATH  + startproject

4. Installing Django on Linux; playing with runserver

5. Django Tutorial Part 1 

  • Folder structure
  • Running the development server
  • Database setup
  • Models/ORM
  • Playing with the models from the command line

6. Django Tutorial Part 2

  • Activating the Admin App
  • Adding our models to the Admin
  • Customizing the ModelAdmin

7. Django Tutorial Part 3

  • Routing addresses with the URL dispatcher
  • Writing views and rendering templates
  • Using template constructs
  • Named URLs and URL reversal in code/templates
  • Template resolution
  • Overriding Admin templates
  • Dealing with static media

8. Django Tutorial Part 4

  • Working with basic forms
  • Showcasing ModelForms
  • ModelForm security considerations

9. Making your life easy with Django Debug Toolbar

So there you have it - a Python fanboy trying to convince developers that they deserve better than PHP, during a 4-hour Django intro full of hate, love and ponies. The course is completely free, so do come by if you're in the mood for some webdev action!