At MTR Design we are open to challenges so when the guys from KEO Films asked us whether we could create the longest webpage yet, we were more than pleased to accept the commission.

Fish Fight - a multi-platform campaign produced by KEO Films and led by TV campaigner Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall - has ignited earlier this week a campaign promoting the Fish Fight initiative by explicitly drawing the attention to every person who has supported them. The time for the kick off was strategically chosen - prior to an important CFP meeting in Brussels. Making every single voice count could eventually impact the decision making process in the EU.

In order to make this happen they needed a new webpage vesting the idea. Not an ordinary webpage but a special one. They needed a really long webpage which would list all of its 830k+ supporters. A deep dive indeed.

We took the commission and created the webpage. The main challenge before us was squeezing a content so enormous (three times larger than Tolstoy's “War and Peace”) in a smoothly working and convenient webpage that could perform well on desktop browsers as well as on smartphone’s OS. Just imagine scrolling down to the line 123 945 for finding your name on the wall of glory of FishFight. Good news is it won’t take you a whole day - we made it quick. Bad news is - you’ll need a really long display. Thank you iPhone for making this hypothetically possible!

You should definitely check out Hugh's Fish Fight 834,000 Names under the Sea webpage with the new apple wonder:

Well if you don’t have it yet, don’t panic - just run the site on your preferred device and dive as deep as you can.

See it at