We’ve been busy lately with some stuff going on, so skipped posting for a couple of weeks. The main reason for the blog silence was the relocation of Milen, our managing director, (closely followed by his personal copywriter) in Wales in the beginning of August, so enjoying the English weather and the warm welcome Cardiff gave us was the main issue for a week or two and proved to be time taking for some of us, who are currently catching up with sharing the latest news about our projects.

Hopefully we are back on track and have a few new things to show you.

First of all we would really like to share what a wonderful job the Hugh’s Fish Fight website is doing. Last week the 4th episode was played on Channel 4 and we definitely hit some new records of public interest. The web site scored some of the highest numbers of visits we’ve seen and we are really proud of it managing to meet all the interest. Previously in the campaign our team expanded the range of the site and it went international – now it’s live and functioning on 11 different European languages.

The campaign is already making fisheries policy change and it wouldn’t be so successful unless it was the perfect combination of powerful and charismatic impact of the initiative and the strong and stable support of www.fishfight.net.

Our arrival in UK was the perfect time for launching another MTR Design project – www.lifeinukthetest.co.uk which is quite a coincidence to start with. This site can give you some really useful information – something we could say for sure trying it at our moving to UK. So did lots of people who have benefited from it for the last couple of weeks (as free from the website stats). The website provides a throughout  information about the history, society and everyday life in UK and scrolling through the variety of lessons one can receive the best chances to pass the British Citizenship Test.

We are having great time in Cardiff. And no wonder as the Dizzyjam headquarters is situated here together with its most eminent members – Daf and Neil who are dangerously familiar with the club life in the Welsh capital. Well it hasn’t been exactly partying all night long during the last two weeks, mostly because of the many thing we had to deal with. Nevertheless the results are dizzying at the end of the day and make us happy the morning after. Some of these are the new feature of Dizzyjam – embeddable shops.

The Dizzyjam shop owners now have at their disposal a tool which helps them set and embed their shop on their own websites. Following few easy steps every merchandiser can integrate the functions and adjust the looks of their shop in their own web space, thus gaining more popularity in the crowded merch scene.

Well, that’s all for now. A humble sunray is sneaking through the clouds so we’ll try to catch it. All of you – our lovely UK friends and partners, feel free to join us any time you are around – just give us a call and we will find time for a beer and a talk.