You are a musician, you feel the rhythm, you’ve got that vibe. What else do you need? To start with – it’s always a good thing to have some other fans besides your family and friends, isn’t it? Come on, be braver. Do you want to earn some cash and popularity altogether? All you need is creativity, oh, and some good tools, of course.

Here at your help comes Dizzyjam – an impressive website our team created following the call of those two cool guys - Neil Raygun and Dafydd Griffiths who approached us with a simple but absolutely genuine idea: “Those who play or promote music AND love t-shirts should be given a chance to sell their products and advertize their passion.”

We loved the concept and right from the start saw its potential. So it was a delight for us to help them build their vibrant web space.

The main characteristics of the project were defined…

Our task was to create a functional platform for all the artists who wanted to register and sell products via The main idea was that each musician could upload the designs of the t-shirts and hoodies their fans were about to purchase, so they needed a functional and comfortable digital shop at their disposal along with all the inherent attributes as virtual stands, shopping carts and payment system. We had to think of appropriate tools for simple yet powerful image manipulation as well and for other important stuff like popularity and social network connectivity.

…and the solutions followed

First our team created a content management system, tailored especially for Dizzyjam’s needs.

Next we integrated the PayPal payment system and developed the e-commerce platform for the project.

MTR Design was also responsible for the Dizzyjam design concept,  and for the HTML/CSS layouts for the website.

As to the social networks commitment and the viral marketing – those proved to be crucial, so the team designed a Facebook app which was a cunning way for the musicians, DJs and labels to bring friends and fans together and gain even more popularity.


Now you can use Dizzyjam to boost your musical and merchandising activities. The concept for a plain and easy three-step navigation through the website made it simply beautiful and easy for merchandisers and buyers to use.

Named by The Telegraph as one of the three websites changing the music industry, Dizzyjam now has more than 1,000 band shops and 3,000 products, and plans overseas expansion.

How did we handle it?

Our team was responsible for development of the Dizzyjam website from the ground up:

  • Design concept for the website;
  • Payment system integration (Stripe and PayPal);
  • E-commerce shopping cart platform;
  • Custom content management system;
  • Development of the HTML/CSS layouts for the website;
  • Design & development of the Dizzyjam Facebook application.