If you had a slumberous February weekend, there is no reason to feel bad about it - after all, most of the world did. There was a special group of people, however, who gave up sleep and rest, in favor of creating awesome applications that could change the way you and I experience music. Yes, I'm talking about the hackers that took part in the MusicHackDay event in San Francisco. These are the guys pushing the envelope, and these are the ideas you should watch out for, in case you have anything to do with the music industry.

The event produced 66 projects ranging from turning body outlines to soundwaves via a Kinect controller to a web platform for borrowing/renting musical instruments. It's an (yet) invisible creativity explosion - the sort of mini-nova that bursts into billions particles, giving birth to planets and star systems, millions of years later. Well, in the IT gravitational field a million of years pass just like one day, so we should expect the results quite soon! 

Thanks to the organizers, we were able to do an online presentation of the Dizzyjam website, and more specifically, of a new feature we've recently added - the Dizzyjam API. As you might expect, it s a web-based, RESTful API that enables you to access all Dizzyjam functions programmatically. It boasts a web console built into the docs, a WordPress plugin, bindings for Python and PHP, as well as a piece of unique functionality - creating new Dizzyjam users through your API account (see the manage/create_user method). The API got utilized by a very interesting project during the hackathlon - Merchr. It's the why-did-not-I-think-of-it-first kind of project - simple idea that could be a game changer one day. I sincerely hope that the guys behind this project will keep on hacking and bringing good stuff out!