Get in business with Cotton Cart

Cotton Cart, our newest project, has just launched. Some of you are probably already familiar with Dizzyjam - our e-commerce and merchandising platform which we created to make it easy and risk-free for anyone in the music industry to make money from their merchandise.

In the past we’ve received quite a lot of requests from people who wanted to use Dizzyjam for trading non-music stuff. And as those requests grew we started thinking about including a non-music section in the original website. Or creating an entirely new website for those who want to sell merchandise no matter what their business activity is. After short reflection we went for the second option and just before Christmas we did a soft launch of Cotton Cart.

The new site follows the overall idea of – in only three simple steps anyone can start making money - upload your designs, create your products and start selling. You don’t have to buy 100 blank t-shirts, to organize printing or pile up all the stuff you can’t sell. It won’t cost you a penny. But it will cost you creativity and popularity in order to make anyone besides your granny buy your stuff. Cotton Cart is here to solve the popularity issue.

Who can use this website?

Everyone. This may be a graffitist who wants to get famous, the grocery shop around the corner, where the best veggies are sold or a charity organisation that raises money for its cause. In fact such fundraising activities were the first to open their virtual stalls in Cotton Cart. Another clever idea is to use the platform for producing t-shirts or other merch for corporate events – team buildings, annual meetings and seminars. The website can be used for promoting sports events – just upload your local rugby team’s design, print your merch and sell them to your fans in the neighbourhood. Surely you will have an audience to remember the next time your team meets the rivals.

The possibilities are countless – your imagination is the limit. So far we have charity and fundraising groups, festivals, sports events and we can’t wait to see what else you can think of while using Cotton Cart.