Two days of email / chat and phone ping pong and you problem still exists. One support guru sends you to another, the second one asks you the same questions as the first, all say they'll call back no one does, and no one has a clue... Does it sound familiar? And all this pours over you at the most improper moment when you’ve already invested a great deal of money and time into your website or application and you’ve been observing your clients growing by number.

Started as an interim support contract for a client's site, launched at the end of 2011 and tried out for a couple of months, we think it's time to introduce our new service to the public – Server Support. Actually the service was first tried and tested in the beginning of summer 2011, when we welcomed our first in-house system engineer. He put our hosting infrastructure in order, enriching our experience with his. Our good friends from KEO Films were the first to evaluate the usefulness of the service, as due to some bespoke optimization and skilled maintenance the performance capacity of the machines exceeded our and their expectations (and saved a lot of money too).

The next logical step was to offer this support to anyone who may need it. So now you can see for yourselves what a good server support stands for:

  • “Office hours support” or “24/7 support” depending on your requirements
  • No more  bot replies and “sick-of-it-all” operators - our small support team consists entirely of system engineers, and they will be the ones to answer your call even in the middle of the night
  • Thorough inspection - prior to taking an engagement our team always spends some time checking out the code of the website and the application and discussing with clients the priority the issues to be handled. One never knows what’s around the corner, so we prefer to have a certain idea about the actions to be undertaken and the sequence of these actions.
  • Our clients will be granted access to our own server monitoring application (we will soon post more info about it).

We take our work personally. In order to provide the most adequate support our system engineers follow the inner relations between servers’ software and the hosted applications, as well as the impact of various events – software updates, introduction of new modules, etc. Thus they are few steps forward to the solution when the server fails to perform. And you know that speed and accuracy are of great importance when your reputation and money are at stake.