Nuffield Health

Nuffield Health is the largest health charity in the United Kingdom, which operates a range of health and wellbeing facilities including 31 hospitals and 51 fitness & wellbeing centres.

We were commissioned by our good friends from Content Formula to build the new Nuffield Health website. The challenge for our team was to develop the site using high-quality code that adheres strictly to the Drupal Coding Standards, with special attention to performance and security. Now, when the site is up and running, we're delighted to continue our work on this project, providing ongoing  server maintenance services and feature upgrades.

How did we handle it?

  • Development of the HTML/CSS layouts for the website
  • Drupal theming and custom module development
  • Google Maps API integration
  • Drupal setup & customization
  • Site integration with the company's CRM (via a bespoke API)
  • Server setup and administration

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