Cotton Cart prints and sells your merchandise on demand at no cost to you. You could be selling in minutes with just three easy steps: First setup your free shop and upload your designs. You can then easily create your products in a range of colours and sizes. Then simply spread the word and start making some cash! There are no stock checks and no leftovers. Everything is printed on demand, the payment is collected and the merchandise is sent directly to your customers. Then you receive 25% of retail for your hard earned sells.

Some of you are probably already familiar with Dizzyjam - e-commerce and merchandising platform which we created to make it easy and risk-free for anyone in the music industry to make money from their merchandise. In the years a lot of people wanted to use the service for trading non-music stuff. And as those requests grew, the founders of Dizzyjam started thinking about creating an entirely new website for those who want to sell merchandise no matter what their business activity is. After short reflection they went for it, we started working on the new project and that's how Cotton Cart was born.

The Cotton Cart site follows the overall idea of – in only three simple steps anyone can start making money - upload your designs, create your products and start selling. You don’t have to buy 100 blank t-shirts, to organize printing or pile up all the stuff you can’t sell. It won’t cost you a penny. But it will cost you creativity and popularity in order to make anyone besides your granny buy your stuff.

We've focused not only on perfecting the client's user experience, but also on providing a smooth and intuitive user journey for the shop owners, who can easily manage multiple Cotton Cart shops, add new products, create widgets, and keep track of their sales and earnings. The website uses responsive layout, as well as the embedable shop widgets, making them perfect fit for any website. Thanks to the well documented API, the Cotton Cart shops can be succesfully incorported in third-party web platforms on a large scale - something that was proven in our practice.

How did we handle it?

The site was built around our already proven successful platform of Dizzyjam, including:

  • Design concept with responsive layout;
  • Payment system integration (Stripe and PayPal);
  • E-commerce shopping cart platform;
  • Custom content management system;
  • Development of the HTML/CSS layouts for the website;
  • Design & development of the Cotton Cart Facebook application.