The objective: to create the fastest and the smartest t-shirt ordering service in the world.

Ramp was founded by Milen, Dafydd and Neil. They eat, breathe and sleep t-shirts. They are based in two offices in Europe, and print their t-shirts in several locations in the USA, as well as two locations in Europe. Ramp was built on the principle that when it’s time to order t-shirts, it should be quick and easy. Having helped hundreds of thousands of customers with our print-on-demand businesses Dizzyjam, Cotton Cart, we decided it was time to offer that same level of ease and customer service for customers who want to order in bulk. That's where the MTR Design team did their best, building a fast and intuitive t-shirt ordering platform.

The team behind Ramp sells tens of thousands of t-shirts, direct to customers across the world, through a variety of sites. They've taken the data and analysed it to bring you some great insights that can make your next bulk merch purchase more efficient and more profitable. This data was incorporated into the very heart of Ramp T-shirts, so it will predict the sizing that you will need, based on the country that you are in. The system offers a lot features, such as uploading designs for front and/or back of the t-shirts, choosing between different types of t-shirts, an option to save your order's price quote and details, allowing you to complete it at a later stage, and the option to ask the Ramp team prepare a custom online form in order to collect your group's size preferences, so your order will have the exact amounts of every size that you need.